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Launch of a unique rehabilitation service


A unique rehabilitation service is being created in Bad Ragaz – a world first. To achieve this, the Clinic Bad Ragaz and the Clinics of Valens are bringing their different areas of expertise together. From 1 January 2020, the restructured Clinic Bad Ragaz – Medical Partner Clinics of Valens will leverage existing synergies to benefit patients: rehabilitation in a unique hotel and service environment at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz with clinical care provided by the Clinics of Valens.


The areas of expertise of the Clinics of Valens and the Clinic Bad Ragaz fit together like cogs in a wheel. The Clinics of Valens, which are certified by SWISS REHA, represent the very best in clinical services and successful rehabilitation. They are among Switzerland’s largest rehabilitation facilities. The Clinic Bad Ragaz, which is an integral part of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, offers not only clinical excellence, but also something special: superior ambiance and service in the surroundings of a five-star resort. With the launch of their innovative collaboration, these two businesses are pursuing a common vision. Together, they want to offer a world-first: the very best clinical competence in neurological, internal-oncological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation paired with the atmosphere of a phenomenal five-star hotel. This premium service offered by the restructured rehabilitation facility in Bad Ragaz is aimed at both (privately) insured Swiss patients and those covering their own costs from Switzerland and abroad.


Patrick Vogler, CEO of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz and Dr. med. Till Hornung, CEO of the Clinics of Valens are excited about the joint venture: “This collaboration allows us to develop existing services further and launch a unique premium service, without needing to increase our capacity.”


The clinical leadership team of the Clinic Bad Ragaz is made up of three chief physicians: chief physician Dr. med. Christian Schlegel (musculoskeletal rehabilitation), chief physician Dr. med. Clemens Sieber (internal-oncological rehabilitation) and chief physician Dr. med. Serafin Beer (neurological rehabilitation).

About the Valens Clinics

It all started with the water. That is to say the thermal water of the Tamina gorge, whose healing properties were discovered by monks in 1242 and have been used since the sixteenth century, starting with the physician and alchemist Paracelsus. Fifty years ago, the thermal water became the foundation of the Valens Rehabilitation Center, and since then, the healing properties of the thermal water have been combined with state-of-the-art, evidence-based medicine. Today, the Clinics of Valens are made up of three rehabilitation centers (Valens, Walenstadtberg and Rheinburg Clinic Walzenhausen) plus the outpatient locations in Chur and St. Gallen and employ around 850 people. With their considerable expertise and the unique surroundings they provide, the Valens Clinics are among Switzerland’s leading rehabilitation clinics. The Valens Clinics are specialized in the treatment of patients with functional impairments of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system. They offer neurological, rheumatological, internal and orthopaedic rehabilitation as well as pneumological, oncological and geriatric rehabilitation. Every year, 3,500 patients receive holistic rehabilitation based on the very latest scientific knowledge. This includes robot-assisted therapy with augmented reality and virtual reality. The Rehab Academy – an in-house further training and education facility – offers a diverse program for staff members, external professionals, and patients and relatives. It also recently received eduQa certification.


About the Clinic Bad Ragaz – Medical Partner Valens Clinics (from 1 January 2020)

The “Clinic Bad Ragaz – The Finest Art of Rehabilitation” opened its doors in 2014 as part of the Medical Health Center at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. In its 25 Clinic rooms, the facility provides excellent medical rehabilitation with the ambiance of a five-star hotel. The Bad Ragaz rehabilitation clinic, which has 38 mutlilingual staff members, specializes in providing treatment for patients recovering from musculoskeletal and internal-oncological issues. When it launches in January 2020, the collaboration between the Clinic Bad Ragaz and the Valens Clinics will increase the overall level of expertise and quality. This innovative joint venture between the two partners will make for a premium rehabilitation service that is truly unique.



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